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About The pocklington

Introduction to The Pocklington

The Pocklington: A Symphony of Luxury and History

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Uncover the spellbinding fusion of storied elegance and modern grandeur.

At The Pocklington, we believe that the magic of luxury hospitality lies in the details. Every step through our hallowed halls takes you on a journey through time, where the allure of history and the comforts of contemporary luxury intertwine. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on offering a personal touch in every element of your stay, transforming it into an experience you’ll treasure.

A Brief History of The Pocklington

Timeless Journey: The Pocklington’s Rich Heritage

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Step into a world steeped in history and elegance.

The Pocklington began its journey in the 19th century as a school, enlightening young minds and cultivating their potential. In the early 20th century, it embraced a new avatar as a courthouse, becoming a cornerstone of justice. Today, this iconic edifice stands as The Pocklington Aparthotel, a luxurious haven for travellers seeking a unique and elegant accommodation experience.

Meet Your hOSTS

Your Guides Through Time: Prity and Kyle

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Delight in the personal touch of our family-run business.

Prity, the matriarch, and Kyle, her son, are the heart and soul of The Pocklington. With Prity’s eye for timeless elegance and Kyle’s passion for modern luxury, they’ve transformed this historic edifice into a resplendent aparthotel. Their dedication to creating an unmatched guest experience makes every stay at The Pocklington a journey to remember.

Our Vision for Your Experience

Crafting Timeless Experiences: Our Commitment to You

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Unveiling the future of luxury hospitality, one timeless memory at a time.

At The Pocklington, our vision is to blend the grandeur of the past with the comforts of the present to curate an unforgettable guest experience. We are devoted to infusing every moment of your stay with luxury, ensuring that each memory you create with us becomes a timeless keepsake.

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Guest Reviews


A delightful stay for myself and a former Leicester workmate up from London for a reunion. The location could not have been better – extremely close to Leicester’s city centre. The early morning cuppa was welcome but my friend and I enjoyed exploring the city’s restaurants for a full breakfast. We were extremely grateful to for the apartment manager’s patience and understanding.

Amazing, modern clean comfortable. This was one of the most incredible places I have booked in so many years using booking.comTrue to the photos, everything is very perfect!


My favourite accommodation in Leicester so far. The flat itself is gorgeous and the location is very ideal as it is near the city centre. They furnished it with everything one could need for a few days stay, cookware, cutlery and very generous with coffee tea, etc. also love the quality beddings and the number of pillows.