Apartment 4 – The Filbert Suite


Dining Area
Living Area


Marrying modern sophistication with functionality

Our fully-equipped kitchen is a delightful intersection of elegance and efficiency. Whether it’s brewing a morning coffee or crafting a gourmet dinner, it becomes your playground for culinary adventures, enhancing the joy of meal preparations.

The Dining Area

A Setting that Elevates Meals Into Momentous Occasions…

The dining area, effortlessly flowing from the kitchen, stands ready to host your deliciously prepared meals. It’s the ideal setting for shared laughter, intimate chats, and joyous celebrations over food and drink.


Living Room

Surrender to the Enthralling Embrace of our Luxurious Living Room

Sink into the plush corner suite in our beautifully furnished living area, a space that marries comfort with style. The 50-inch screen TV extends an invitation to indulge in your favourite entertainment, transforming moments into memories.

The Main Bedroom

Escape into the Cocoon of Comfort in our Master Bedroom

The main bedroom, adorned with luxurious touches, guarantees peaceful slumbers and refreshing mornings. It’s an oasis of relaxation where every wakeful moment feels like a gentle caress.


Experience The Filbert Suite with an Exclusive 10% Savings

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The Secondary Bedroom

Delight in the Elegant Seclusion of Our Secondary Bedroom

Immerse yourself in the tasteful seclusion of our secondary bedroom, a private haven designed with the same dedication to comfort and luxury as the main bedroom. Ideal for friends, children, or simply as an additional space for restful relaxation, the secondary bedroom perfectly balances the suite’s exciting vibrancy.

The Main Bathroom

Experience Serenity in our Well-Appointed Bathroom

The main bathroom, equipped with modern amenities, offers an exquisite retreat to refresh and rejuvenate. Indulge in self-care rituals that take on a spa- like quality, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalised.


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