King Richard III Visitor Centre: Your Portal into Leicester’s Majestic Past

Step into the heart of Leicester’s past at the King Richard III Visitor Centre, an immersive journey that’s not just about history, but the enduring spirit of a city. A city where each stone whispers tales of yore, where past meets present in a symphony of experiences, and where you, the traveller, are at the heart of the narrative.

Embrace the Mystery: The Discovery of Richard III

In 2012, the world looked on in awe as Leicester unveiled a mystery that had been hidden for over five centuries – the remains of King Richard III. What began as an ambitious search transformed into a discovery that captivated global imagination. As you walk through the exhibition, you’re not just observing, you’re participating in a chapter of history that’s as fascinating as it is profound.

Richard III: The Man and the Monarch

King Richard III, a monarch whose life was as turbulent as his reign. The King Richard III Visitor Centre masterfully brings his life into focus, encapsulating the complexity of his character and reign. Explore exhibits that paint a vivid picture of his childhood, his ascension to the throne, his controversial reign, and his death at the Battle of Bosworth. History isn’t always pretty, but it’s always intriguing.

Bosworth Battlefield: The Turning Point

Step back in time to 1485, to the fateful day that changed the course of English history – the Battle of Bosworth. Experience the tension, the anticipation, and the gritty reality of a battle that marked the end of the York dynasty and the rise of the Tudors. Here, history is not a mere spectator sport; it’s an adventure that engrosses your senses.

The Science behind the Search

Peek behind the scenes and delve into the scientific endeavours that led to the discovery of Richard III’s remains. Through interactive displays and detailed narratives, uncover how modern forensics, DNA analysis, and radiocarbon dating transformed a historical quest into a breakthrough. As you’ll see, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey that takes you there.

Burial & Discovery: The Tale of Two Car Parks

Juxtaposing the past with the present, the centre takes you through Richard III’s burial in Grey Friars and the subsequent discovery under a car park in Leicester. It’s a humbling narrative that reminds us of how history is intertwined with our everyday lives. As they say, “You never know what lies beneath.”

The Legacy of Richard III

Richard III’s legacy is far-reaching, touching the realms of literature, cinema, and popular culture. Unravel his portrayal in Shakespeare’s eponymous play, delve into the historical debates surrounding his reign, and explore his influence in modern times. Remember, every story has two sides.

The Visitor Centre Café & Shop

No visit to the King Richard III Visitor Centre would be complete without a pause at the café. Indulge in a warm cuppa and a slice of history-themed cake, or browse through the gift shop for a memento of your time-travelling adventure. After all, part of the joy of travel lies in the little indulgences.

Plan Your Visit to King Richard III Visitor Centre

The King Richard III Visitor Centre is more than a museum, it’s a journey that’s tailored to intrigue, inform, and inspire. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a curious traveller, or someone looking to spend an interesting day, this is an experience that deserves a place on your Leicester itinerary.


In a world where the past is often forgotten, the King Richard III Visitor Centre stands as a testament to Leicester’s enduring connection with its history. This is not a tale of bygone days, but a narrative of the city’s spirit, told through the life of a controversial king. As you explore the winding tales within its walls, you realise that this is more than a visitor centre; it’s a living, breathing narrative that invites you to be a part of Leicester’s illustrious past. And what better way to wrap up your day of historical exploration than at The Pocklington, where luxury meets history for a truly unforgettable stay.


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